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About US!

Founded in 2016 and HQ based out of downtown Seattle Washington, A.L.A. Consulting Firm has been passionate for a little over three years about empowering our clients to achieve a mindset of striving, thinking, and relating to how humans/organizations navigate though transitions of success and failure across a lifespan.  

                              Who We Are

We're a boutique firm with expertise in Social Relations with a holistic human-centered approach to seeing, developing, and implementing systems such as human and or organizational systems.

What We Do

We have an organized transitional flow within and between systems, which create a learning environment for Organizations (Corporation/Government/ Non-Profits), Business Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Individuals to explore a Holistic/Human-Centered approach to developing skills of creating a higher awareness of Identity intelligence and others in internal/external environment to address next-generation individual and organizational challenges. 


Simply put, we help navigate our clients through times of Organizational,  Business Start-up, Entrepreneurial, and Individual unpredictable circumstances by focusing on our core foundation of Mental self-investigation, Emotional Intelligence, Conversation Intelligence, and Physical/Mental/Spiritual Wellness! 

What Is Different About A.L.A. Consulting Firm

We're a strategic firm focused on a Holistic Human-Centered Experience and the Success of your Organization


  • Creating a learning environment for our clients to observing and understanding the makeup of "the Human" interactions of self mastering the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing as a balanced entity. Also, allowing diverse narratives of another to exist in the same reality without moving both emotional set-points. 

  • Implementation of identifying the best interest of differentiation in working as an individual or connecting with others as a team.  

  • Connecting and stretching our clients mental capacity of being present,  and best practices to transition their personas (single, married, wife, husband, child, CEO, leader, employee, etc....) of different identity when it comes to lifestyle. 

  • Our firm intentionally observes all systems ( Human and or organizational process) with a lens of collaboration, diversity in thinking, prototyping with the individual/community until clients results are accomplished, and isolating between the creative and analytical to achieve clients goals and solutions. 

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