Our Approach

Let's start at the beginning! What to expect as a new client.

Every client (Organization, Business Start-up, Entrepreneur, and Individuals) journey is unique, but all start the inner work with a few things in common. The intake, onboarding, and the implementation process.   

A.L.A. Consulting Firm unique process consists of using a hippa compliant intake system which is done all electronically. NO paper, we offer a pdf as a copy of intent services for our clients' reference. Clients payment of services, first appointment, a signature for the contract, and consultation questionnaire are all compiled in one setting by our customized intake platform.  

We pride ourselves on understanding the ongoing needs and objectives of each of our valued clients.

After the intake process, the first initial appointment 

scheduled is the consultation which is a 4hr session.   

 We debrief with our clients all information received for them, provide our analysis of the solutions, and finally, collaborate with the client on best practices of implementation.   

Our implementation process is simple.   We intentionally observe all systems ( Human and or organizational process) with a lens of collaboration, diversity in thinking, prototyping with the individual/community until clients results are accomplished, and isolating between the creative and analytical to achieve clients goals and solutions. 

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

-Albert Einstein

Are you ready to know why our Human- Center Approach creates long-term rapid transformative change?

Change is inevitable when your fundamental aspect of coaching, development, consulting, and implementation journey is based on solid foundations.  Ours are Mental Self-Investigation, Emotional Intelligence, Conversation intelligence, and Mental/Physical/ Spiritual Well-being.

A.L.A. Consulting Firm team has an innovative style of assisting our clients with the mastering and understanding self and the world around them. We use a unique architectural map for processing and implementation of identifying systems, understanding thoughts from feelings, and  naming/associating  emotional setpoints  of transitions to the individual narrative within day-to-day relationships with themselves and others around them.

Our team provide our clients with the tools and resources to understand their personal narratives and create value system to navigate their emotional setpoints/reactions during times of crucial conversations and discomforting situations.   

 Through our willingness to continually learn and openness to new research we firmly value and connected with the late Judith E. Glaser work in understanding conversational intelligence. Her studies are rooted in the neurological and cognitive research which has been her life long work and ongoing legacy to both the verbal and unseen science of conversations. We coach our clients in understand the basic use conversations from the tools of Dr. Judith's theories, uncomfortable conversation, and also assist with navigating the unlocked consciousness found from conversational coaching. 

The last piece of our dynamic foundation is identifying and cultivating in our clients the tools to create a healthy inner mental dialogue with customized affirmation, platforms which enhances 

awareness of emotional and behavior patterns.

Cultivating with our clients a physical health awareness of ultimate health according to them as  individual definition. Also, we are proud to announce we are partnering with DNAFit. This  collaboration allow us to promote active role to creating a holistic experience for our clients overall wellbeing. 

 Spiritual understanding what gives you the inspiration/power to move through life's joyous and challenging  transitions .


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Tel (253) 375-8428

Email:  info@alaconsultingfirm.com


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